Our Donors Speak

Donors sometimes include comments with their donation. Here are a few samples:

"Hope this helps. Go Green! Let the good times roll." Keith Shoemaker

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"Thank you for all you do to keep the theater operating." Alberta Walz Adams

"Hope you raise enough to keep the theatre open." Jenni Burnham Newell

"Good Luck!" Don Topping

"Your history is not very good! It mentions 25 cent movies. I recall getting sent with 15 cents: 14 for admission and a penny left over for the candy machines to get a whole handful of candy. Probably the matinee, but, it makes a better story. I helped run the projectors as a high school student, probably 1960-61, for free admission and one bag of popcorn." W. Stephen Wilson

"Hope you meet your goal. I have many fond memories of my time seeing movies there with family and friends." Ranee Webb

"Good luck with your fund raising efforts." Lyle and Mary Lee Boll

"Hello - I will always remember going to the movies when I lived there back in the late 1930's. My brother worked at the Theater a while before he passed away. Good luck." Vern Lundin Grant

"Hope you make your goal!" Mary Aughe

"Dear Friends, It's been a long time since I have seen a movie in the St. Francis Theater. I wish you well in your effort." Robert L. Miller

"I have very fond memories of evenings spent at the Cheyenne Theatre with friends as I was growing up! Thanks for your time and effort to ensure the future of the theatre so other Sainty kids can grow up with those same fond memories!" Relda Galli

"It's a very worthwhile cause." Darlene Feikert

"Please find enclosed a check for $100 to be used to support the Cheyenne Theater. This is in response to a request from our employee, Jill Gary, through our employee match program. On behalf of the employees and management of Wolf Construction, thank you for all that you do." Michael Schirmer, CFO, Wolf Construction Inc.

"Since we have been attending this theatre since we were kids, we thought kids from the younger generation should be able to do the same. Let's hope that we meet our goal in good order. Thanks for your efforts." Rodney Bracelin

"It's so good to see the theater surviving. I remember it well from the late 30's (Mr. Roshong's day) to the early 50's. The 'new' one is quite the improvement from the early one w/mice. It took more than mice to prevent my friends and I from enjoying many, many good times at the theater." Jo Ann Anderson Newmyer

"Howdy fellow classmates!---No, it is not time to start planning for our next class reunion . . . I just thought I'd stir up a little interest in the Cheyenne Theater fund raiser. I have many fond memories of "going to the show" and working for Vera Roshong selling popcorn and orange drink for a dime each. That was a loooong time ago. Anyway, I am sending in a donation and encourage anyone who can to join me in supporting the home town theater. They need to upgrade to digital equipment in order to stay in business. While some of the other NWK towns have lost their theaters, Sainty has strong community support and the people work hard to keep the Cheyenne Theater running. Their goal is $25,000 and according to the Herald, they are making good progress toward that amount.---I'm always up for a good competition so I challenge you to match or beat my donation of $100. Go for it Class of 72!---Merry Christmas everybody!" Barb Stevanson, Ph. D.

"Seems like St. Francis is collecting donations for a lot of causes, especially the Village. But I have to believe that 'we' will make it all happen!" Joy Fisher

"Bless you all for wanting to make the theater the best it can be for your community. I love St. Francis and going to the movies is near the top of my favorite things about the town. I have many childhood memories that include the little and special theater. Good luck on your fund raising campaign." Gaye and Mike Bowles

"This fund drive was a fantastic success from beginning to end. I see it as a perfect demonstration of how a small town can work together to better their community. I think that special "thanks" should go to all three banks, the City Council, everyone in the City Office, and all the Cheyenne Theater Board members. Very nicely done." Robert Grace